Open source Powepoint alternative for public display?


I want to put up a screen in a public location to show information about our company. The content of the display will change on a fairly regular basis.

I would like the scren to show a powerpoint presentation containing a single slide.

A user would then edit the slide on a regular basis to update tyhe information.

Problem is that in order to restart the slide show they would have to log on at the machine in question - they wouldn't be able to t/s into it as that will 'kick out' the local user making it impossible to display the presentation anymore.

How can I get my (editable) powerpoint or similar to display on the machine, while still allowing it to be managed with terminal server/remote desktop?


# Solution 1

You can use the free powerpoint viewer on that PC and edit them on another that has the full powerpoint/office install on it.

And for managing it, use VNC. It will just remote control the console session and leave the display visible instead of returning it to the login prompt.

# Solution 3

Or, you can use One of its components is called Impress, and it's similar to Poierpoint, and free, and open source.

# Solution 4

I think what you need is a multi display system...I can recommend maxivista server or maxivista pro. I believe it has all the features you need...Though, it isnt open source. You can try the 30-day trial download.

Good luck.

# Solution 5

quick follow up! you can try teamviewer, its free for personal/commercial use. Very easy and kinda similar to VNC but I believe the presentation feature is what you want to try it out.

# Solution 6

I don't understand the question. Are you asking if there is a good open source alternative for PowerPoint (based on the subject title), or are you asking how to edit a slide remotely and then have it displayed?  If it's the latter that you're asking about, why are you using PowerPoint if it's just one slide? Why are you referring to it as a "slide show" if it's only one static image (is it static?)? Is the "user" who edits the slide the same person each time, or will there be multiple users from many locations? Based on your clarifications, I might (or might not) have some suggestions.

# Solution 7

"...or are you asking how to edit a slide remotely and then have it displayed?"


"why are you using PowerPoint if it's just one slide?"

Because I MIGHT want to have two or more slides at some point in the future. But this is not important, so if there's a good alternative that only displays ONE image then that's ok. But they need to be able to easily edit the text, which is why powerpoint springs to mind.

"Why are you referring to it as a "slide show" if it's only one static image"

Dunno. I Guess I are stoopid.

"Is the "user" who edits the slide the same person each time"

YES. Same user, from the same computer, every day/time.

# Solution 8

Ok, I *think* I understand your problem. I suggest that the local computer be set up so the user has permanent remote access at any time (in other words, the "locel user" doesn't have to manually allow the access each time). Then, the user needs only log into the local machine whenever he needs to, make the changes, and exit. If might make things easier if you don't use PowerPoint, since -- as you point out -- there might be a problem with displaying it full screen and then log out remotely. You might get around this problem (if it indeed is a problem), by leaving the display as a PDF, or even an image.  The user can change the text in the template document (perhaps a Word documment), and then create a PDF each time from that.  Another alternative is to create the Word doc, and then save it as an image, which you can display, perhaps even as a desktop image that will simply remain after the remote logout.

I hope some of these suggestions make sense in your situation. If not, let us know what problems exist with each method. Good luck.

# Solution 9

Open office impress is good solution to be installed on computer to edit the slide show. You can have editable file to work, and export to pps for viewing. There is a linux version available if you wanna try to go completely free. I'm thinking that your sollution is a graphic card with possibility to connect two monitors, one to display presentation and viewable outside, and other to be available for remote connection to computer hidden inside box.